Small Business Academy

Small Business Academy

A new initiative by Qredits! Have you thought about starting your own business, but don’t know how? Sign up for this 10-week training course by Qredits.

The Small Business Academy has one goal: to prepare you as much as possible for entrepreneurship. The focus is on writing your business plan and increasing your entrepreneurial skills. Themes such as personal effectiveness, SWOT analysis, marketresearch, pitching, Social Media and financing are discussed. Each theme is provided by an expert in that field.

Upon completion:

  • you have written your business plan and can pitch it in an inspiring way
  • you are ready to take the next step as an entrepreneur
  • you will be part of a new network with fellow students?
  • you can request a small business loan or receive coaching from Qredits.

Interested in participating in the Small Business Academy?

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Small Business Academy