La Beauty Room

La Beauty Room

One more time

Years of experience in working for major companies in managing and merchandising led Jovanka to the realization that she should be using her skills to make a better and more fulfilling life for herself.

In 2017 Jovanka opened La Beauty Room and have been working hard ever since to make it into the business of her dreams. She went to bank after bank  trying to get the help she needed to expand her business, but after dealing with really long processes and poor service, Jovanka was running out of options for the financial assistance she would need to make her business grow.

Taking the steps

Ever the proactive entrepreneur, Jovanka went to a networking event where she heard about Qredits and decided to try one more time.  “Everyone knows that getting help on St. Maarten for a business is hard. The banks wanted me to take out this huge loan that I would have to be paying off for many years, but that isn’t what I wanted. Once I heard about Qredits I decided to give it a chance and reached out to them to find out more.”

Getting ahead

Before getting her loan, Jovanka struggled with keeping up with the demand for items in her store. “Clients would come in all the time looking for certain items, but I never had enough stock to keep up. I would have to wait until I sold an item in order to have the money to order more stock.” This way of working left many of Jovanka’s clients unhappy, and so she knew that she had to find a way to fix it. Since getting her loan from Qredits, Jovanka has been able to afford large orders of stock to ensure that her shelves are always filled and ready for the next potential customer.  “ I can now keep up with the demand and from my clients, while also expanding my business to include more unique pieces. Whether it is in makeup, bags, accessories or even gourmet popcorn, I always have something new and different  to offer my clients.”

Trust the process

Working with Qredits was a different experience for Jovanka. As someone that is used to the way that banks work on the island she was pleasantly surprised with how easy the process was. “ The entire staff was very friendly and professional. They informed me about the conditions of the loan, the documents that I would need and answered all of my questions. Everything was very easy to understand and I was able to get the loan I needed.”  

Uniek en onderscheidend vanwege onze kernwaarden


Wij geloven dat samenwerken leidt tot succes. We bouwen aan ons netwerk. We stimuleren dat onze klanten een eigen netwerk opbouwen en verbinden de ondernemer met onze partners.


De ondernemer en zijn of haar plan staan bij ons centraal. We zijn persoonlijk betrokken bij onze klanten en komen bij de klant thuis. We denken mee, houden contact en zijn flexibel.


Wij willen een bijdrage leveren aan de maatschappij. Daarom helpen we mensen bij het realiseren van hun passie en dromen. We hebben geen winstoogmerk.


We richten ons op ondernemers met realistische ondernemingsplannen. We zijn nuchter en zakelijk. Ons doel is het voortbestaan van de ondernemer. Zijn of haar succes is ons succes.

La Beauty Room